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Anger & Healthy Boundaries

MISSING OUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS -our hearts empty As we breathe into the space inside we soften -we pause with a note of care and support for ourselves and the world beyond With clear boundaries for our peace and health … Read More

Munay is Right Love

With the Fall Equinox this last week I began to have a clearer picture of my future, and then I asked myself what I needed to release in order to achieve this future, knowing that this threshold in time is … Read More

The Art of Letting Go!

There is an art of letting go of small things as well as big things.  Let’s begin by reviewing the highlights from our recent conversations: Firstly, begin every practice with gentle kindness and compassion towards yourself. Secondly, create a container … Read More

Welcome To Journey Time

Entering the cave with my cape adorned with flowers, the soft light draws me deeper into the first chamber of the cave. The glimmer of the two pools glistened with colored prisms of light. I then was greeted by two … Read More

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