Journey to Gaia — Earth Pulse Embodiement

Earth Pulse Embodiment – #7

Journey to Gaia


This exercise draws on the ancient technique of taking a shamanic journey to connect with Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Every time we take a bit of time to tune in to our Earth Mother, we are revitalized by her lovingkindness, the Earth Pulse that courses through all life on this planet — including you & me…

Entering a state of gratitude — for the countless blessings of life on our beautiful “blue planet” — is a proven way to build our confidence and enhance ability to weather the storms we all occasionally face. As always, the most important part of this process is that you smile and have fun!  Here we go!

Original Paintings in Watercolor, Ink & Acrylics by Susan Dennnett
Meditation Music Channeled Expressly for Each Session by SoulSongHealing

~ About Earth Pulse Embodiment ~


There is a need in the world today to share some easy ways to ground, center and embody. These ways are simple and effective methods to bring more focus and vitality into your life. The practice will take only a few minutes a day. A practice that will add ways to lighten your stress load and re-discover the joy in your heart.

The dictionary writes “to embody: as “making visible”. The process of making what we feel and think visible to ourselves. To know thyself! 

What you will gain from this practice of guided meditation:

    • You will begin to notice that you are taking deeper breaths during the day — and that it is easier to breathe more deeply.
    • As your body learns to absorb the Earth Pulse Qi, you will begin to feel more energy & more strength physically.  Problems with fatigue will diminish.
    • As your brain & entire body receive more oxygen overall, you will experience many additional benefits.
    • You will find you have more clarity & focus mentally.  Memory will improve. It will be easier to evaluate what’s happening and make the right decisions.
    • You will feel more optimistic & hopeful.  Feelings of anxiety, worry, or being overwhelmed will fade away, and these will be replaced with a peaceful acceptance, joy & thankfulness for the present moment — as you come to appreciate & actually feel the vitality and nourishment that you get with each & every breath.

This Journey, like all Earth Pulse mediations, is accompanied by music channeled by Roy Swanson, my partner & co-creator of Earth Pulse Embodiment.