Working with Susan has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health. I had very little experience with acupuncture before working with Susan, but she made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. My overall stress level has decreased dramatically and the treatment room is so calming and always filled with soft meditation music. Susan makes it so easy to relax, I always welcome my appointments and I feel refreshed and renewed after every appointment.

Jessica, Encinitas

Susan, I feel amazing! Just one needle, with your intuitive touch, feels like a load lifted. I am most grateful for the opportunity to receive your well-rounded treatments balancing body-mind-spirit. Your treatment room is truly a place of healing.

Karen, Carlsbad

Thank you for the wonderful session. You were able to find and clear trapped emotions that were connected to both my hip and heel pain. I came away with a feeling of lightness – a lightness of being which I continue to experience. As I walked out of the clinic I was pain-free!

Aside from the fact that you are broadly professionally educated, I deeply appreciate your natural intuitive guidance. Thank you for all you offer!

Amy, Solana Beach

I occasionally suffer from episodes of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. These episodes can last for weeks or even months, causing a fair amount of nausea and forcing me to curtail activities such as yoga and swimming. Soon after the onset of my most recent episode, I was fortunate to receive a craniosacral session from Susan. I was able to sleep that night without any dizziness, and the next morning I had no symptoms. I then had very mild symptoms for the next couple of days, but after that was then completely recovered. I am grateful to Susan for her healing touch.

Shauna, Carlsbad

I’ve found Susan’s Shamanic healing work to be unique and extremely helpful for shedding daily tension and frustrations to get in touch with my true self. It is unique in the way in which it feeds my soul and spirit. Over time, repeated sessions have helped me tremendously with both physical and emotional challenges and developing mental focus and clarity.

Mary, Encinitas

Susan is a gifted healer. As a shaman, she guided me through a process of energy clearing which opened up much deeper insight and gave me access to both clarity and a sense of lasting peace. I received answers to complicated life questions and was able to repair various relationship wounds as a result of our work together.

Nicole, La Jolla

Over the past decade, I have tried many forms of healing, and I have to say that my sessions with Susan stand out as being a uniquely transformative and supportive experience. Susan’s extensive training in several healing modalities allows her to perceive the interplay between the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges her patients are facing, and to offer an integrative approach to healing that not only improves their physical wellbeing but also supports them on their journeys to self-discovery, inner growth, and expansion.

Amber, Olivenhain

Susan’s professional skills and her personal compassion have been, for me, life-changing.
Working with her you truly step into a healing space and begin to return to balance and well-being.

Barbara, San Diego

Susan has the ability to connect with me where I am at that day and provides with the perfect treatment. I have experienced amazing results from seeing her over the years. She has treated me form a severe post-pregnancy hip issue to a serious car accident and everything in between. I started taking my three boys to her a few years ago as well. Her gentle manner and various modalities of treatment provide continuous healing and light to our family.

Coco, Encinitas