Earth Pulse Embodiment

New Guided Meditation Therapy Uses Somatic Visualizations -- to Focus the Power of Nature on Your Specific Health Issues -- by Releasing Subconscious Emotional Energy Blocks.

Watercolor by Susan Drake Dennett

Are you tired of relying on pain pills, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, sedatives, alcohol, caffeine & more. . . just to get you through the day?  Try this natural medicine cabinet!

Earth Pulse -- for fear, anger, jealousy, fright, shock, deep sadness/grief, PTSD & more...
Heart Pulse -- for grief, sadness, self-doubt, low self-esteem, alienation, feeling unlovable, self-critical & overwhelmed, being overly empathetic & more...
Sky Pulse -- for lack of inspiration/motivation, sense of hopelessness, inability to see a future, feeling disconnected, trapped in emotions with no way out & more...
Central Pulse -- for integrating ALL pulses to achieve Balance, also good to produce a Total Release of all emotional blocks at once.
Solar Pulse -- feeling weak or tired, chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, feeling powerless, small & unseen more...
Release Pulse -- to release physical pain and/or emotional upset.

Why Earth Pulse?

There is a need in today's technology-wrapped world for all of us to find better ways to ground -- to center & to embody ourselves. There is a need for Peace -- the kind you feel walking on the seashore or on a forest path...  

Earth Pulse Embodiment gives you simple & effective exercises to bring more focus & vitality into your life. To cleanse your body, heart, mind & spirit of the toxicity & imbalance that come from living out-of-touch with Nature. With our waking hours spent insulated from the fresh air, pure sunlight, clean water, and even the good earth under our feet -- we have disconnected ourselves from the natural world's healing energies -- that have been known to physicians throughout time! 

Earth Pulse Embodiment Exercises reconnect your entire being to these abundant (and free!) energies that we are blessed to enjoy simply by living on this most beautiful planet Earth. In just a few minutes a day, these guided meditations will help you lighten your stress load -- and re-discover the joy in your heart.


What Is Somatic Embodiment Healing?

The dictionary writes: “to embody, as 'making visible'. The process of making what we feel & think visible to ourselves." To know thyself! 

The magic of Earth Pulse Somatic Embodiment exercises is that they create a template -- for your body, heart & mind -- to reunite with the wisdom of the Source Energy which lies behind all of creation. To rekindle the Ancient Wisdom in the "center of our knowing" that reveals What Is True for each of us. Oral traditions call it the way of “Right Wisdom, Right Love, and Right Action". We find this Truth when our bodies come into Balance in our Center. We are able to feel at home in our bodies, to find our Safe Place, both in power & in peace. These visualized meditations guide you to this place. Enjoy this journey back to yourself! 

How Earth Pulse Embodiment Works

~ Unlike Any "Meditation" You've Ever Done ~

Earth Pulse Embodiment is a series of five guided somatic visualizations that lead you to understand -- and feel -- your body with new strength & power, as well as increase your ability to release emotional stress & clear the brain fog of unwanted mind chatter. This creates a new relationship of kindness-to-self that comes with a deeper relationship with Nature.

Watercolor by Susan Drake Dennett

Heal by 'Going Deep' -- NOT by Escape!

If you have tried other types of meditation, such as yogic mantras or TM, you will find that Earth Pulse guided visualizations are totally different.  Like many of you, I have practiced multiple forms of meditation over decades. I have studied in the temples of India and retreats in the Western desserts. And the more I got into these disciplines, the more I became troubled by a rather obvious (to me, anyway) internal conflict. These traditions all speak of we humans as "spirit-beings" who choose to incarnate -- over & over again -- into physical bodies in order to learn valuable life lessons.  Then why would they teach styles of meditations with an object of leaving the body, escaping to some other "more perfect" plane of existence or nirvana?  That seemed like a strategy of avoidance, and not at all in sync with the idea of "acceptance" taught by the masters.   

The goal of Earth Pulse Embodiment guided visualizations is NOT to escape the pains of the body by achieving some type of samadhi or nirvana. The goal is to go deep INTO your body in order to reconnect it to the healing energies available to all creatures living on Gaia, our Mother Earth.  In so doing, you embrace & befriend your physical body.  A true strategy of "acceptance".

It is also quite obvious that these unseen "healing energies" are abundantly available -- and we can see them whenever we look at animals in the wild.  That's because wild animals almost never get sick.  Sickness & disease only become "the norm" among domesticated animals. Including ourselves!  Domesticated creatures (forced to live in pens, barns, feed lots, or cages) and human beings (choosing to live in boxes we call "houses", "offices" & "automobiles") are all "cut off" from Nature -- disconnected from those energetic mechanisms created by Nature over millennia.  These mechanisms -- which are essentially exchanges of energy between every living thing and its environment -- are woven into the "web of life" that supports every member of this miraculous ecosystem. And they are absolutely necessary for a fully realized state of health & wellness.  Earth Pulse Embodiment teaches you how to get hooked up back up to these natural energy exchanges -- to attain a new level of health, strength, and peace. Just like those beautiful wild animals we see in today's popular nature documentary films.


Ancient Traditions Hold the Key to True Health

Of course, we can't turn back the clock on Civilization.  We can, however, learn much by looking at the most ancient oral & shamanic traditions -- developed back when human beings still slept under the stars, foraged for food ... and rarely got sick!   Humans have always admired wild animals -- for their strength, beauty & vitality -- it's no wonder that animals such as the Eagle, Hummingbird, Jaguar & Serpent have been so widely used as symbols in stories, songs & guided meditations throughout the ages.

And so, as my lifelong journey as an alternative healt practitioner led me to study what we now call shamanic healing methodologies, I eventually came to the point -- after years of working with patients in my practice -- where I can share some simple & direct methods that allow anyone to tap into the healing energies of Nature!

I call the first of these: Earth Pulse Embodiment exercises.


What It's Like to Practice Earth Pulse Somatic Embodiment

You'll be guided by a soothing voice & music to use your powers of creative visualization to build a template to connect your body's energetic centers with the elemental forces of Nature.  You might think of them as chakras or chi centers. We call them "pulses" because -- like all forms of energy -- they oscillate like waves on the water.  You'll start with the Earth Pulse, then move on to the Heart Pulse, Sky Pulse, Solar Pulse, and the Central Pulse.

The best part is that these exercises are soooo easy!  All you need is to do is breathe like you're napping and use your imagination like you're dreaming.  No special postures.  No complicated movements or confusing breathing cycles.  It's easier than taking a bath!

I have incorporated these meditations into my daily morning routine. If I am experiencing a heavy, dense emotion in my body, I use the Earth Pulse practice for this.  If I am feeling some sadness or grief, I focus more on the Heart Pulse practice. Many times, I do both releases in the same meditation. The results have been fantastic. I am not only able to move out heavy feelings, but also to feel more power in my body as I connect to the forces of Nature around & beneath me. I am not alone! The Central Pulse meditation is one I use all the time. It not only combines all of the meditations, but also gives you the strength & power of your "knowing aspect" & the "centering aspect" for full clarity of feeling, thought & action. 


What You Will Gain with This Guided Visualization Practice

Watercolor by Susan Drake Dennett

Here are just some of the improvements you will begin to notice as you take up this practice:

  • You will begin to notice that you are taking deeper breaths during the day — and that it is easier to breathe more deeply.  (That's good for both your blood pressure & anxiety levels!)
  • You will notice that you walk better.  With more confidence, balance & spring in your step.
  • As your body learns to absorb the Earth Pulse Qi, you will begin to feel more energy & more strength physically.  Problems with fatigue will diminish.
  • As your brain & entire body receive more oxygen overall, you will experience many additional benefits.
    • You will find you have more clarity & focus mentally.  Memory will improve. It will be easier to evaluate what’s happening & make the right decisions.
    • You will feel more optimistic & hopeful.  Feelings of anxiety, worry, or being overwhelmed will fade away, and these will be replaced with a peaceful acceptance, joy & thankfulness for the present moment — as you come to appreciate & actually feel the vitality & nourishment that you get with each & every breath.

Please take a few minutes and

Try Earth Pulse Embodiment Today!

What You Receive:

  • Each exercise is an mp3 file that you can play on your phone, tablet or computer. (Do them at lunchtime!)

  • You'll be guided to use your simple, yet powerful, power of imagination to build an energetic template that will harness the flow energy between your body and your surroundings and within your body.

  • The music for each exercise was channeled live to support the guiding narration.

  • Each exercise can be completed in about 10-15 minutes.

What People Are Saying ...


So easy to follow. Listening to Sue and the music is pure joy!
~ Elise M.

I've been an athlete my whole life, but never really got in touch with my body like this.  Earth Pulse helps prevent small injuries from growing into big problems.
~ Dan H.

My favorite is the Heart Pulse. I like to do it before bedtime ... then I sleep through the night.
~ Sarah D.

I was skeptical and ended up being amazed at just how powerful these exercises can be. After just a few sessions, I even started walking differently.  More rooted to the ground. Thank you, Sue!
~ Stephen G.

I thought I knew everything about meditating, but this Earth Pulse stuff is something totally new. It's so targeted. Sometimes I use the Sky Pulse for inspiration before painting.  And the Earth Pulse is a great way to clear out the leftover tension from my office job.  Heart Pulse makes me feel connected to the people in my life that I care about. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
~ Lani K.

You'll enjoy living in your physical body so much more once you start using Earth Pulse Embodiment guided meditations. 
Becoming 'embodied' is about tasting each sweet breath, hearing the song of your heartbeat, and feeling the fun of every footstep.
Please click the blue button to listen to a free sample (takes less than 5 minutes!) ~ Sue


Watercolor by Susan Drake Dennett