Welcome To Journey Time

Entering the cave with my cape adorned with flowers, the soft light draws me deeper into the first chamber of the cave.

The glimmer of the two pools glistened with colored prisms of light.

I then was greeted by two figures of light, communicating without words yet clearly conveying a sense of welcome. I followed them to the shallow pool and proceeded to be escorted in. The water was warm and seemed to envelope me as if a blanket was tucking me in. The two friends plus a few more light bodies proceeded to give me a hands-on session. My body was morphing into a feeling of lightness as my body reflected back many colors. I was feeling thankful and joyful.

Soon it was time for me to stand up and move to another area of the cave.

I was drawn to a smaller room that seemed to have no end. There were also many twists and turns of passageways on the right side of the cave. I had been there before and was drawn to a small fountain nearby to look for my gift.

At the moment when I peered into the water the fountain had stopped flowing, so I could see my reflection in the water. Believing my gift had passed me by, I decided to look once again and noticed something in the bottom of the fountain. Reaching in, I pick up a blue Andean cross.

Nice, it was beautiful. I wondered what to do with it and how to be open to the message of this gift.

As soon as I picked it up this all became clear to me…

Out of the cave now. This was a part of my journey today that I wanted to share, plus a picture that I sketched afterwards.

As I sketched I saw more and understood more of my gift.

I wish you a journey of your own that brings you solace and calm during these times of challenge and growth.