Anger & Healthy Boundaries

Anger & Healthy Boundaries


-our hearts empty

As we breathe into the space inside we soften

-we pause with a note of care and support for ourselves and the world beyond

With clear boundaries for our peace and health

-we send our love out…

Noticing that our hearts are now filling up…

-with love

Taking this pause today to ask ourselves,
“How can I support myself and perhaps others, what do I need?”

Noticing much change is occurring daily, in the world and inside ourselves.

This short note is about creating boundaries for ourselves for more peace.

We are still on the theme of grief and loss. Today we will talk about anger and power.

On the flip side of anger is hurt. 

In our process of releasing a loss  the second stage is the time when we begin to accept the loss and anger tends to arise, this stage is often the most difficult to process.

This is the stage when you begin to accept the loss and you are feeling that it is not fair. The power comes after we move and release the anger.

The anger stage is imperative to feel and express but is so difficult to feel, I think because of the hurt that lies right on the other side of it. It hurts.

Of course learning how to own your own feelings of anger without blaming another, as you express them in a healthy manner. 

Anger can also be scary to feel. Many of us do not have great tools for how to work with our anger.

Many of us have been taught that to have anger and to express it is not only bad but means that you are not a spiritual being (or a religious being). Of course this is far from true.

The clarity and power to set up boundaries for yourself is the power that lies in anger when you let yourself feel it and express it.

Boundaries will clarify what you want in your life and what is important to you (also what you do not want).

Clear boundaries helps you create a more peaceful and joyful life.

Below is a sketch I made that symbolizes the concept of:

feeling our worth and coddling this jewel with protection and love


Sending you care and love during this special week.