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The last 2½ years have put everyone under incredible stress. You might say we all suffer the trauma of "Pandemic PTSD". Somatic Embodiment Energy Therapy -- used for centuries in every culture around the world -- is especially effective for "stress-related" conditions, such as those below & more …

All Disciplines of Medical Science Agree...

Trauma Resulting from Stress is THE Common Factor in Disease of All Kinds,
Especially Chronic Conditions

Feeling Isolated

Chronic Fatigue
Thyroid Issues

Chronic Pain &


Long Covid
Brain Fog

Stress is not just the complaint of your teen-age daughter or "Type-A" office worker.  Stress is the "dis" that takes the body away from its natural state of "ease". (As in "dis-ease", right?)  It's important not to confuse the "stressor" or "stress factor" from the "stress" itself.  "Heavy traffic"  during your morning commute is a stressor.  Being "irritable" for the rest of the day is the stress.

Biologists know that "stress" is what our nervous systems have evolved to handle.  We often hear about the "fight or flight" response. "Fight or flight" a hard-wired aspect of the human nervous system that served us well for millennia -- until we emerged as the "top dog" on this planet with no more lions, tigers & bears to fight or flee from on a daily basis.  The problem is that our bodies still launch the same reaction -- when we get scarred in heavy traffic or find out from a medical test that we have a potentially serious disease.

That "stress response" impacts our health in multiple ways:

1) When stress provokes the "fight or flight" response -- our immune system shuts down.  Our bodies gear up for action -- fighting germs is put on hold.  Modern life, with its fast pace and a mass media that sells "fear" as "all the news there is" keeps everyone on "high alert" -- with immune systems on "pause".  It's no wonder that "auto-immune" diseases have become so common -- affecting most of us in one way or another.

2) Our "stress response" includes hormones & other chemicals which generate LOTS of energy. And all that Energy has no immediate outlet, so it pools in our muscles & organs -- and weakens our bodies.  This is what is meant by feeling a need for "grounding".  Our bodies are like an electrical appliance.  If we do not engage in an actual "fight or flight" -- then all that energy burns us out from the inside.  In the early days of electricity, when an appliance broke, it would start to smoke (or even catch fire) if it was not quickly unplugged.  Then, in the 1970's, the 3-prong plug became the standard.  That 3rd "prong" is the "ground" -- and electrical fires are now uncommon.  Energy Healing is the "grounding" your body needs.

3) There is another, more primitive, reaction to stress.  The "freeze" response. That's what lizards, turtles and insects do.  They "freeze" when they sense danger.  Our human nervous systems also launch "freeze mode" to prolonged stress.  And it, too, results in pooled hormones, chemicals, and energy that do no good to our bodies.

The Result of All This Stress is Trauma

Somatic Embodiment energy healing gives you mechanisms -- exercises -- that help you flush the pooled energies from your body.  In one sense Somatic Embodiment energy healing does what other "stress management" activities -- like exercise or meditation -- do.  And it goes further.  With Somatic Embodiment Energy therapy, you actually target each specific health challenge by identifying the energy block -- and then flushing it from your body.


How Does Somatic Embodiment Energy Therapy Work?

If you were to watch an energetic embodiment healing session, you would see what looks like a "guided mediation".  The patient is sitting or lying comfortably, with eyes closed, while the practitioner speaks softly -- guiding the patient to truly sense what's going on in their body (often for the first time!).

The practitioner leads the patient through simple exercises that require no special powers of concentration or "meditative" skills. An open mind & willing imagination are all that's needed.  The sessions often lead to surprising insights -- as disease-causing energy blocks are first sensed -- then released.  It's not unusual for chronic conditions to be helped in the first session; more entrenched chronic weaknesses might take a few sessions. In any case, it does not take long to feel the effects.

As the patient comes to a deeper awareness of the physical/emotional/mental dynamics of the particular challenge at hand, the practitioner then guides the patient to use simple techniques that allow the negative energies associated with the disease or condition to drain from the body, heart & mind.

This is the process of healing through Somatic Embodiment energy therapy.  It's all about reconnecting to our bodies -- which have numbed themselves to accept chronic energy blocks. Once you can sense the block, and it's a simple matter to  release its hold on your body -- and your life -- leading to improved health.

As you can see, the patient and practitioner need not be in the same room.  All that is required is a phone  -- or Zoom / Skype if you prefer those tools.

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