Finding Peace In Changing Times

The aspects that cause alarm for you in the world can be carried home to our internal world. How can we release our alarm and maintain some peace within?

Any type of change will elicit grief: we go through the same seven stages in processing our emotions during times of change.

A change is letting go of one thing as we replace it with something else, for example a new house or a new way of looking at something.

We have many small releases and changes per day.

When going through a period of release and change, I create a container for myself through a daily practice.

To give you an example of what I mean, here is my check-in for today:

I am sitting with a wobbly heart and queasy tummy as I feel the world’s instability. I ask how does this reflect my internal world? I also am going through changing times with a new direction. My strength is growing as I refocus my life according to my life’s purpose. I sit with my fear daily and move through it. My grief is releasing the life before this, in which I found more stability and calm, as I move into a new life focus.

Are we wanting to release our old ways and grow in life? 

As we choose to get lighter and wiser with our changes in life, one tool is to question our thoughts and beliefs (and possessions) releasing as much judgement and as many unquestioned ideas as possible.

The other choice in life is to drag your heaviness, your past around with you.

We do have a choice. 

Here is an easy road map to use when we feel overwhelmed and stuck.

Take each issue of alarm and feel where it is in your body, then breathe into the area. Then take the issue through this list and watch it change. You may want to write things down or do a quick sketch of what you find.

Grief, change, transition, loss and release of old ways, are all elements of grief. As you go through the stages, you may find that there is a gift waiting for you in stages six and seven. Try it and see what you find.

The stages are –

    1.    Denial: Most of us are in this stage. Numbness, avoidance and avoidant behavior.

    2.    Anger: Irritability and guilt, this stage is difficult for most of us to feel and pass through.

    3.    Bargaining: Guilt can arise in this stage as well as the “what ifs…..”.

    4.    Grief: Sadness, depression, and shutting down or opening up to releasing the sadness. This is where our courage comes in.

    5.    Acceptance: Making peace with our change, with our loss. Asking for support and making life changes.

    6.    Transformation: Staying present to your heart space and watching what happens next. This is where you’ll find the Gift!

    7.    Transcendence: As you put your gift into action your life and self begin to transcend into something else.