Heart Pulse Embodiment for Ukraine

Earth Pulse Embodiment – Special

Use Your Heart Pulse to Send
Peace & Love to Ukraine


Throughout the ages, we are taught — and often experience! — our heart as the center of love & tenderness, compassion & kindness — all the qualities that define our humanity.  The very idea permeates our language, as when we say “my heart goes out to you” to express empathy or “you are in our hearts” to convey sympathy.

Today’s meditation will show you a new way to get in touch with this universal energy — to heal & strengthen both ourselves and those around us who we love.  Using the technique from Meditation #1, you’ll learn how to draw upon the power of the Earth and transmute that into your Heart Pulse.  Then, you’ll use that to create a strong connection to not just your own self-love, but also the love you share with family, friends, and the entire human collective.

And that’s how you can use this exercise for the people affected by the current conflict in Ukraine.  When you come to the point in the guided meditation where you extend your heart pulse out to the sides … you can extend the disk of you love energy all the way to Europe.


As you develop your own Heart Pulse, you’ll start to feel more calm & confident in what can sometimes seem like a chaotic daily life these days.  We’ll also show you how you can use your Heart Pulse to melt away crippling emotions like anxiety, anger, and grief — which, as we all know, can contribute to all kinds of feelings of poor health & disease.

This is the second meditation, the second practice. Please try to do this everyday for a week. Take notes and perhaps journal after each Meditation. And of course, I’d be delighted to answer any questions, as well as receive feedback about your experience.

Here we go. The most important part of this process is that you smile and have fun!

Meditation Music Channeled Expressly for Each Session by SoulSongHealing

After the meditation, please listen to this important song to bring awareness to the situation. Thank you!

~ About Earth Pulse Embodiment ~


There is a need in the world today to share some easy ways to ground, center and embody. These ways are simple and effective methods to bring more focus and vitality into your life. The practice will take only a few minutes a day. A practice that will add ways to lighten your stress load and re-discover the joy in your heart.

The dictionary writes “to embody: as “making visible”. The process of making what we feel and think visible to ourselves. To know thyself! 

What you will gain from this practice of guided meditation:

    • You will begin to notice that you are taking deeper breaths during the day — and that it is easier to breathe more deeply.
    • As your body learns to absorb the Earth Pulse Qi, you will begin to feel more energy & more strength physically.  Problems with fatigue will diminish.
    • As your brain & entire body receive more oxygen overall, you will experience many additional benefits.
    • You will find you have more clarity & focus mentally.  Memory will improve. It will be easier to evaluate what’s happening and make the right decisions.
    • You will feel more optimistic & hopeful.  Feelings of anxiety, worry, or being overwhelmed will fade away, and these will  be replaced with a peaceful acceptance, joy & thankfulness for the present moment — as you come to appreciate & actually feel the vitality and nourishment that you get with each & every breath.