The Winter Cycle

Winter Tea Time

Winter is for us – as it is for all of nature – a time to take a pause for reflection and restoration: meditation, self-reflection, time in nature, focusing on soul-enriching projects, and the building and storing of our vitality. We use this season for rest and for the filling and maintenance of our reserves, gathering strength for the year ahead.

As we begin to slow down from the holidays, our bodies may need support and more focus on the immune system. Here is how to transition to our new season and take care to support our health.

Here is a list of herbs and tonics to take during this time:

  • Echinacea Premium Mediherbs from Standard Process (SP), 1 daily for prevention. This is my favorite choice, I have had the healthiest season so far.
  • Congaplex (SP), is not GF but is a great supplement to take daily for strengthening the immune system.
  • Immunplex (SP), supports the immune system, it is like a multivitamin with immune support. I give this to one of my daughters.
  • HerbalVital (Mediherbs from SP), is a tonic formula that is wonderful for all ages to build strength and vitality. I have been taking this for six months now and have more endurance during the day and even my hormones are more balanced.

When you feel the first symptoms that your body is fighting a cold or flu you can take any of the supplements above just in a bigger quantity, such as:

  • Echinacea Premium 4-6 a day
  • Congaplex 3-4 every hour
  • Immunplex 3-4 a day
  • Calli Tea a Sunrider product that you can purchase a some stores. 1-2 tea bags a day.
  • Thymex (SP) 4-5 a day, is also a strong boost to your system.

You may contact me to pick up any of these herbs.

If you do happen to get sick because of other stressors then there are many other herbs to take in adjunct to these. This is also a good time to call me for more specific formulas for your individual case.

Alternately, you can order your Standard Process supplements directly by clicking the image below, and entering the following code into your order form: 74CYED

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Here is to your health and a gentle entrance into the new year!