The Magic of Winter

Diving into the depths of our quiet restorative times of reflection and nourishment is at its peak now. These winter months represent the element of Water:

1. Has to do with the feeding of our deep waters, both in nourishment and quiet plus in deep reflection and gratitude for our life and its gifts.

2. Deeply supporting our soul and its calling.

3. Sorting out and washing out the things that we no longer want to keep around and holding up the glow that shines light on our path.

These Winter months also represent the direction of the North in the South American Shamanic tradition:

1. Guided by the Hummingbird (archetype) bringing grace and perspective of our journey ahead, as well as knowledge of our support team around us.

2. The hummingbird gives us what is required to embark on an epic journey, the courage. Hummingbirds migrate over the Atlantic, traveling every year from Brazil to Canada.

3. Transformation is the principle of this time. We have done such great clearing this past year, we are now ready for our reflection in the clear water as we travel on. This is the time of “poof” – patterns just wash away. Transform. Use this time.

4. Time of stepping out in integrity and transparency. Knowing that all has been perfect in your life to get you to this place here. Now it is time to be the best reflection of you, your inner beauty and sincerity of heart – embody your true Self.

Then … STEP OUT!

Boost yourself just a bit to add your beauty and strength to the world. Thank you for this.