Honoring new beginnings with Spring.

One week into spring!
With an exuberance of energy brewing inside to begin again, all the dreams that we have been savoring and feeding for the winter months are now ready for fruition.

Though there is a pause in these first few weeks of spring.
The seeds and bulbs are warming under the earth for just a few more weeks before they show their sprout. Still deep in mother earth’s womb for nurturing.

It’s our time to adjust our plans with the person we are today not the person we were in the beginning of winter. We have changed and grown. Sometimes this time can be challenging to be still enough to see our growth as we are pulled out into the warmth of the sun.

Take this time if you can to do an honest inventory of what is true for you still. How do you need to adjust your plans and actions?

Find you community and reach out for a ceremony for a new beginning. Be gentle with the new sprout’s preparation of rebirth. Then get ready to fly.