Caring For Pachamama

Ocean Trash

I will be talking today about another one of my passions: caring for Pachamama, Mother Earth!

There are many things we can do to care for the Earth, but this one is fun and easy – avoid buying and using plastics in all parts of your life.

Seems overwhelming… yes but not if you begin with one or two steps at a time.

First, educate yourself: watch a few documentaries to become informed with some facts. Here are a few that are either on Amazon Prime or on Netflix: “A Plastic Ocean,” “Plastic Paradise,” “From The Waste Up,” and “Plastic Shores.” Even though watching these can be a bit heartbreaking, it will be motivating to do something about the problem and inspiring to share what you’ve learned with friends.

I knew a little before watching these movies and of course, I already thought I was doing my part. Yet once I consciously stopped buying plastic and looked around at my bath products and vitamin bottles I noticed that 95% of what I have (besides my clothes and shoes) was plastic. Wow!

I stopped buying many things and began making produce bags out of batik material I had. I also started to make up recipes for premade foods that I loved to buy but were in plastic containers. I basically I got so excited that there was something that I could do!

I know I can also take what I have learned and connect to the bigger community, through conversations, hosting movie nights, and more.

I will end with one note that I just learned, that even BPA-free plastic options have chemicals that can have an effect on our endocrine system (endocrine disruptors) – although not as bad of an effect as the effects of Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA-free is still a better choice, but do some research on all the plastics to have the knowledge to protect yourself and your family.

Here is a great website to get started with:

Here is to helping out the earth… together!