Four Levels of Perception

I am pleased to share with you some tools to help in your personal wellness journey.

What is Mindfulness:
-a moment to pause,
-a moment to be mindful of your body,
-a check-in for your feelings,
-a body scan for sensations and feelings.

A mindful approach is simply to use your breath as a tool to help yourself focus and slow down your mind and body. Expanding your awareness not only to your physical sensations but to your emotional state, tracking where in your body your feelings are and to see if there is any shape, color or temperature to this sensation.

Once you have spent some time scanning your body for sensation and feelings you then have five choices of how to move this energy. Hucha is the Andean word for heavy or dense energy in or around the body, generated by resistance to life in the form of stress-related attachments. Sami is the word that means light energy in the form of subtle effervescence. Sami occurs whenever any change occurs in the universe from one state of being to another.

My intention is to help you lighten your energy.

Mindfulness – Just “naming something” or bringing your awareness or consciousness to your body and feelings will often move and lighten the energy (feeling).
Mandala Sketches – Drawing or sketching will help you to get a different perspective or perception of what you are sensing or feeling.
Dance & Yoga – Stand up and let your body move spontaneously. Either dance or do yoga. Either of these movements helps clear out dense energies.
Spirit Arrows – I use an ancient method using fire, called Spirit Arrows. This is a process of using sticks or wooden matches. Take the feeling or emotion and using your breath, blow all of it into the stick or match, then burn the stick or match. Hucha is released.
Imagery – Bring your breath into areas of your body that may feel some constriction or hardness. Imagine the breath is filling up the areas, then as you exhale imagine the breath carrying out heavy energies down to the earth. This process will move much energy in your body.

I hope these five methods of moving energy will be supportive to you.

In my next post I will give you two other powerful ways to transform challenges in your life. We will learn to see things on a different level of perception or consciousness. I will share with you about journeying to help you understand our journey in this life. Check back for that post, coming soon!