Follow Your Innate Rhythms!

Circadian Rhythms

Introducing Your Circadian Rhythms

How to create a simple daily plan to support your own natural rhythms creating balance for your:

  • Optimal body weight (without dieting)
  • Routine deep sleep cycle (without medications)
  • High energy naturally
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Exercise timing that optimizes your prime fitness
  • Clear brain power at the right times

How the rhythms of Nature gift us with perfect health!

This rebalancing is about strengthening your Natural Circadian Rhythms. These rhythms are all based on our relationship to light. Every cell in your body has this light sensor and has its own clock based on light. This is our biological relationship with our environment and how we prepare for the changes in the day and for the changes in the seasons. All animals, plants, bacteria and fungi have this in common.

“Circadian rhythms are found in nearly every living thing on earth. These biological clocks provide a cross-cutting theme in biology and they are incredibly important. They influence everything from the way growing sunflowers track the sun from east to west, to the migration timing of the monarch butterflies, to the morning peaks in cardiac arrest in humans.”
–From Circadian Rhythm, A Very Short Introduction (Oxford Press)

Your body is not meant to be “on” for 24 hours straight. In a 24 hour period there are high-efficiency times when the body is most alert and then there are times for rest and recovery. Light is the director of your wakeful hours.

Once awake, going outside to gather the natural sunlight will let the body know it is time to gear up for the day. Eating at the same time daily will support this rhythm and begin your metabolism. Your Circadian rhythms need daily consistency: waking and retiring times, consistent eating and exercise patterns. This regular daily routine creates a strong Circadian Rhythm that in turn creates a highly efficient, balanced body.

When your Circadian Rhythms are strong then you will naturally:
1. Find your optimal weight and stay there
2. Have a deep sleep routine
3. Find your peak energy times and have more energy
4. Find your optimal metabolism
5. Know the best time of the day to exercise
6. Understand and put to practice the best time for mental alertness

Spending time in nature, outside in natural sunlight during the day is extremely balancing and repairing for your body, mind and spirit. The more time that you spend near or in natural light during the day, the more you are strengthening your circadian rhythms. Conversely, after the sun sets, limiting your light exposure especially to bright light and the blue spectrum of white light will allow your body to sync with your natural sleep cycle.

The other aspects of spending time in nature and natural lighting is to help counterbalance stress in your daily lives.
Nature supports your:

  • Natural pacing- slowing you down
  • Expanding your intuition and trust
  • Strengthening your Circadian Rhythms to create a strong healthy body and mind
  • Bringing in more feminine qualities into your life such as: cycles, rhythms, trust, softness, fertility, caring, nurturing, and cyclical renewals.

Look out for a follow-up post next week that will teach you several techniques for tapping into your Circadian Rhythms.