The Art of Letting Go!

There is an art of letting go of small things as well as big things.  Let’s begin by reviewing the highlights from our recent conversations: Firstly, begin every practice with gentle kindness and compassion towards yourself. Secondly, create a container … Read More

Lighten the Burden of Your Grief

Grieving can be a practice of learning to “let go” or “releasing what is not needed.” Cultivating a container of lightness as well as having gentle compassion towards oneself is a thread in the perfect weave of a rich smooth … Read More

Are You Experiencing Grief?

Are you grieving…the loss of how your life used to be? Or grieving the loss of a job or the loss of a social life? This time may be bringing the grief from past losses to the surface, such as … Read More

Welcome To Journey Time

Entering the cave with my cape adorned with flowers, the soft light draws me deeper into the first chamber of the cave. The glimmer of the two pools glistened with colored prisms of light. I then was greeted by two … Read More

Let’s Journey To The Soul

In the Four Levels of Perception we focused on perceiving from the level of the physical senses and or emotions and feelings. This in the Q’ero lineage is from the levels of the Serpent and Jaguar. When you shift your … Read More

Four Levels of Perception

I am pleased to share with you some tools to help in your personal wellness journey. What is Mindfulness: -a moment to pause, -a moment to be mindful of your body, -a check-in for your feelings, -a body scan for … Read More

Stepping Into Autumn

The season is changing Monday the 23rd, the Autumnal Equinox.   How can I have the best Autumn ever? We have just finished enjoying our Harvest and now it is time to clear out any remaining obstacles that are in … Read More

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