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Mindfulness-Art Expression Class

August 7, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


This class will teach you to be in the Flow. The Flow is the feeling you get  when things in your day all begin to fall into place. Your energy and focus are high and you are getting answers to your questions easily. 

1. We will learn to track our feelings and emotions and then find the body sensations that correspond to our feelings.

2. We will then learn some tools to move this energy using spirit arrows and sketching it into a mandala framework.

3. We will set an intention of what we are seeking an answer to – sometimes clarifying your questions is the most important step in solving the challenge. 

4. We will then learn the practice of journeying to get answers through sacred space travel into our subconscious, the lower world, for symbols and gifts from gentle guides. Drumming will help your mind relax with its melodic rhythm. 

5. We will put all of this into our simple sketch again to bring it back home and to visually see your gifts.

6. This process will uncover your Soul’s gifts. You will be able to see your authentic Soul Expression!

7. Lastly, we will create a “Hummingbird Statement” that will become a super charge statement of action to accompany your picture as an anchor to support you as you step forward with clarity and strength.

I stand for helping people to have freedom of Soul Expression. What does this mean? My life’s work is to assist people to number one, find their Soul Expression and number two, to help them feel the freedom to express it.

Here is a mapping of the 4 levels that you will learn in the class.

The 4 levels of perception are:

1.The Literal Level; intuition and sensations
2.The Mental Level; emotional, feeling state and mental activities
3.The Mythic Level; pictures, sounds, music, the bigger picture, the soul level
4.The Level of Spirit; biggest picture, pictures and a felt sense 

Your Invitation
Come join me on an exploration from the depths of your soul, giving you a new understanding and depth of clarity as you step confidently ahead creating your life in power and peace.

Join one class, or join a series of classes, the choice is yours!

Register for one class for $20 – please click here to pay.

Register for four classes for $65 – please click here to pay.


August 7, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am