Guided Meditations

The Sky Pulse


The Sky Pulse
(Earth Pulse Embodiment #3)

The first of 5 guided meditations in the Earth Pulse Embodiment series, designed to develop the skills of getting in touch with our energetic embodiment by connecting to the energy field of the Sky.  Includes 1 downloadable mp3 file, which can play on a computer or phone.

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There is a need in the world today to share some easy ways to ground, center and embody. These guided meditations are simple & effective methods to bring more focus & vitality into your life. The practice will take only a few minutes a day.  It’s a great way to lighten your stress load and re-discover the joy in your heart.

The dictionary writes “to embody: as “making visible”.
The process of making what we feel &think visible to ourselves.
To know thyself!

Earth Pulse Embodiment will help you get to know yourself — to feel your body — in a new, uplifting way.

Meditation Music Channeled Expressly for Each Session by SoulSongHealing