Guided Meditations

The Heart Pulse


The Heart Pulse
(Earth Pulse Embodiment #2)

A guided meditation designed to develop the skills of getting in touch with the energetic embodiment of our heart center.  Includes 1 downloadable mp3 file1, which can play on a computer or phone.

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There is a need in the world today to share some easy ways to ground, center and embody. These guided meditations are simple & effective methods to bring more focus & vitality into your life. The practice will take only a few minutes a day.  It’s a great way to lighten your stress load and re-discover the joy in your heart.

The dictionary writes “to embody: as “making visible”.
The process of making what we feel &think visible to ourselves.
To know thyself!

Earth Pulse Embodiment will help you get to know yourself — to feel your body — in a new, uplifting way.

Meditation Music Channeled Expressly for Each Session by SoulSongHealing